All About Choosing Home Security Cameras



When it comes to choosing home security cameras, you should know that there are really only two ways to do it: the wrong way and the right way.

The wrong way is to buy the first security camera system item that you come across, without verifying the information that you read. The right way is to find out which are the top-rated home security cameras according to several technology magazines and then verifying the information by reading the forums and other sources of information.

Right now, as you can see, there are many brands of security cameras for home use. And while they offer more or less the same thing (read: give you access to footage when you are not around or are asleep), not all of them are created alike. There are products out there that offer more features than others. But more is not necessarily better.

What you want to do is to determine what your needs are. Do you live in a small apartment? Then you will need nothing more than two security cameras at the door and your bedroom. Just make sure that the security system you buy has an alert feature that alerts you of any break-in.

Use Of Hidden Cameras For Surveillance At Home And Business

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When spy cameras first came out, they frequently didn’t work too well and were not all that small either. Spy cameras these days are able to offer much more in terms of variety, durability and functionality. Using hidden security cameras is also more acceptable for ordinary people now.

If you are considering getting a spy recorder of your own, you need to have a good understanding of how it works. Another thing that you need to consider is if it is legal to use in your country or state. It is also critical to learn as much as you can about the various kinds that are available as well as the new features that are available that can help to enhance the benefits and experience you get from a specific camera.

Spy Camera Pros And Cons

When it comes to using spy cameras there are numerous pros and cons that are involved. It depends on who is using the camera and for what purpose. For instance, if parents would like to know whether or not a babysitter really is taking good care of their children, then one advantage that a spy camera can provide is ensuring the safety of children. If the owner of a shop wants to catch which employee is stealing money out of the cash register, then the hidden security camera has a different benefit. In this case it is being used for investigating and providing evidence of theft or misconduct. Finally, it may be somebody who owns a very nice and expensive house. In that case, they will want to deter intruders and might consider security cameras that are in plain sight instead of hidden.

Generally speaking, spy cameras are excellent tools for investigation, safety, protection and gathering evidence. That is why private investigators and law enforcement officers use them. The innovative technology can help with promoting peace and order and save lives.

From this standpoint, it is better using hidden home surveillance cameras for discreet reasons. That way you at least won’t draw any attention that is unwarranted and you can keep going about your business without any panic or disruption being caused.

The disadvantage to using a hidden camera is at times it may violate people’s rights if they aren’t used properly. Some care providers as well as other providers might also feel distrusted, uncomfortable and degraded by employers if they find out there are spy cameras in the area. That can lead to working relationships that are quite unhealthy.

Who Makes Use Of Hidden Security Cameras?

spiesIn the past, hidden security cameras were mainly used for the purpose of espionage whenever wars were going on. Just like James Bond! These law enforcement offices and investigation units still use them. They have indeed contributed to order, peace and safety and helped with solving many cases.

These cameras today can be purchased easily by civilians and then used for the purpose of their choosing. There of course might be repercussions if those individuals utilize spy cameras for malicious purposes, like for blackmail or making fun of people. You need to be sure that you don’t use any of the information you receive for any harmful purpose.

Frequently spy cameras and recorders are used by business managers and owners who would like to keep a close watch on their employees or teams in addition to checking on the activities that are taking place within their establishments or offices. Parents and day care owners sometimes use them also to make sure that children are being cared for in the right way and that care providers are properly doing their jobs. This is also the case for care institutions such as homes for the elderly.

What Types Of Security Cameras Are Available?

There are three major kinds of security cameras for you to consider:

Security Cameras. Usually these are visible and are something you might see at a drug store or convenience store. security cameraThey are comprised of a series of cameras feeding into a system that places images onto a computer screen. These devices record the feeds as well so that you can review them later on. It can be very useful having a video recording of a crime being committed. However, it is the deterrence factor that might be the biggest benefit that they provide. Obviously it is less likely that a burglar will break into a house when there is a security camera around.


Indoor Spy Cameras. This is often called a “nanny cam.” They are used for when you are wanting to watch indoor security camerassomething or someone inside your home when you are gone. It may include a house cleaner, babysitter or nanny. This category of cameras might also include a pet cam or baby cam. A baby cam is used for when you are in a different room. You can use a pet cam for when you are away from home. In recent years these cameras have become a lot smaller, so they aren’t very obvious. The quality of the sound and picture have improved as well and there are new features available also.


Body-Worn Spy Cameras. Whenever you think of James Bond, one of the things you probably think of is body-body worn cameraworn spy devices. They can include pens, key-chains, watches, sunglasses, glasses and buttons that have a tiny, pinhole camera inside of them. There are numerous options that are available today when it comes to pinhole spy cams.

In recent years there have been vast improvements to technology which makes it possible to fit cameras into increasingly smaller devices. Every year there are new developments that come into the market, so make sure you come back to get all of the latest news.

Brief History Of Spy Cameras

Scientists like Nikola Tesla and others long ago discovered the radio technology to see from afar. The concept isn’t Nikola Teslanew, however, some of the methods are being improved.

One of the early television pioneers wrote, “When the radio service is comparable from the eye to the ear, we will be Frances Jenkinushered into a new era”. This was in 1925 by Cl. Frances Jenkins “Vision by Radio”.

In 1939, there was a movie called “Television Spy”.

The first spy on television was George Burns. He was on in the 50s on the “Burns and Alen Show”. In the 60s, he was also on “Wendy and Me” and played the landlord that could “listen in” to his tenants, a frequent issue in today’s world.

In later episodes, he is watching television in his study and breaking the fourth wall when he comments on it to his viewers.

By 1962, the first ever generation of mini wireless spy camera was coming into vogue. Jim Vaus shows it off.

In 1987, a miniature tv camera uses an AM micro transmitter that is in the 900 MHz frequency range and it was considered to be a huge threat.

Murray Associates offered the first countermeasures film to buy a specific spectrum analyzer that was capable of locating such television signals. It was called a Tektronix 2710.

Tektronix 2710

In 1997 Mini television cameras used an FM micro transmitter that was in the 2.4 GHz range and it was also considered a threat. Countermeasures of the day couldn’t even begin to see this signal. Many analyzers could see the signal but they were unable to decode them.

The problem was ultimately solved by Murray Associates when they drew together a variety of methods to create a system that showed the next step in the evolution of the spectrum analysis. Radio Reconnaissance Spectrum analyzers moved a step forward. They could now record for evidence.

mini wirelessBy 2007 these high tech spy equipment were now common in the 2.4 GHz range and most sold for under $100. The wireless spycam could now be monitored worldwide via the Interwebs. All one needed being a computer. An added plug-in board was also readily available and could be had for just under $100 more. These were rapidly becoming all the vogue and more and more people were into them.

By 2011 it was now commonplace for anyone to own them.

facialrecognitionFuture Of The Spy Cam

The future holds even more with auto facial recognition that is enhanced with auto-identifying. If you want to get to know someone, you just covertly snap their picture with your camera phone and using an app you match it up against other pictures on the Internet. Voila! An instant Facebook profile.

What Are Spy Cameras Or Hidden Cameras?

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A spy camera or hidden camera is a video or still camera that is used for recording individuals without them being aware of it. The camera is “hidden” either through being disguised as another item or isn’t visible to the person being filmed. Hidden cameras may be built into common objects like mobile phones, plants, ball caps, motion detectors, clock radios, smoke detectors and televisions. Hidden camera systems might be used for the purpose of household surveillance or industrially or commercially as security cameras. The lower costs and proliferation of video recording devices has resulted in spy cameras being used more often for legitimate surveillance needs, in addition to entertainment and other kinds of purposes.

Using hidden cameras often raises issues of personal privacy. There also can be legal aspects that need to be considered, depending on which jurisdiction the cameras are being used in. A hidden camera is in contrast to a CCTV security system, which is out in the open and visible and sometimes sounds a warning of its presence.

There are both wired and wireless hidden cameras. A wired hidden camera is connected via a cable to a recording or viewing device, like a data storage medium, memory card, digital video record (DVR), VCR or television. A hidden camera transmits a video signal over to a receiver that is located within a short distance, where images are recorded or viewed. Some hidden cameras have audio capability as well. Hidden cameras might be activated by remote control or manually or connected with a motion detector.

Hidden cameras might be installed inside common household objects for monitoring and recording caregiver activities. They are commonly called “nanny cams.” Whether using hidden cameras is legal or not tends to be a
controversial subject. For instance, there was a case where a nanny had allegedly been caught shaking a baby violently. However, it ended up getting thrown out because it was considered to be worthless evidence (however it was due to video quality issues and not legality). Some of the hidden camera television programs have faced lawsuits or denied being aired due to individuals being trapped in situations that they didn’t like.

Nanny cameras are legal in the United States, although a majority of them are sold without having any audio capabilities, due to the fact that intercepting audio communications surreptitiously is prohibited.

Intercepting oral communication in a “surreptitious manner” like a hidden camera, is prohibited by US Title Code 18, Chapter 119, Sec 2512. That is why a majority of nanny cams don’t come with audio record capability. There are some that are available in the marketplace that may be able to record audio. However, since the recordings that they produce are illegal, those cameras shouldn’t be used. It is legal to use these type of security cameras for home in all 50 states. However, in 13 states it is illegal to record audio without having the written or express consent of the nanny you are recording. That falls under the wire tapping laws of the federal government.